A Big Threat to Samsung Users. Also Know how to curb it.

 A Big Threat to Samsung Users. Also Know how to curb it.

The Indian government on 13th December issued a warning for all Samsung Users. know major threat was identified by the  CERT-In ( Cyber Emergency Response Team in India ) regarding a security breach in the Samsung phone especially for the users of Samsung Galaxy. But you all need not to panic. As there is a good saying every problem has a solution so do this. First, we must understand what is the risk.

What is the risk exposed -Risk exposure results in attacking the privacy of the users, a breach of security through which the hackers can access all the valuable information, specially all the bank details, OTP, and also personal details, contact numbers, etc.

What models are being affected – The risk is exposed to Samsung mobile users with Android versions 11, 12,  13, and  14 and especially the users of the Samsung Galaxy all series like S22, A, and M series.

Measures -. All the problems and risks have been discussed above, and l know readers must by now be stressed after reading this, But be assured we TFF ( The Factual Fuse,) never give stress, we tell the problem in depth accompanied by the solution.

So the solutions are as follows.

  1. Update  – The foremost thing to be safe from this risk is to update your, cell phones. One must go to the settings in the phone and check whether there is some update, and if there then one must update their smartphone.
  •  Set a strong password -. This is Another weapon that one can use to stay safe is by applying a strong password, one tip avoid using any birth date, or anniversary date as these are very easy to crack so set a strong password with a combination of capital and a small alphabet by using special characters.
  • Avoid clicking any link – Nowadays, hackers a very smart they send links with very convening messages so that people fall into the trap, so avoid clicking on every link.
  • Stay updated – Keeping yourself updated is also important phone and the internet are a boon to us, so there are also banes to staying updated with all types of scams and fraud, this will only help keep one from  falling into  traps And also you can visit our website for all trending news and information in very simple language for easy comprehension.

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